Drain Lining Haringey

Incorporating:      N8 – N10 – N11 – N13  -N15 - N17

Drain Lining is probably the best option for a fast, effective solution for drains that are worn, damaged or broken.

When a drain is located deep below ground or maybe in an in-accessible place where excavation would not even be an option, drain lining is the answer as well as potentially saving you thousands of pounds.

Leaking drains usually occur as a result of age, poor installation or maybe even damage caused through a variety of reasons, tree roots being a classic and common problem.

Surveyors take leaking drains seriously and they pay particular attention to any cracking to property that is visible to the eye.

The first recommendation would be to carry out a CCTV survey inspection this being  the only way in which you are not only able to determine the condition of below ground drainage, but also pinpoint accurately which section of a drainage pipe may be damaged.

Drainage or pipe work can now easily be repaired without the need for excavation or replacement using drain lining methods and techniques.

It may transpire that the cost of any possible excavation as a result of defective drains may not even be covered by any buildings insurance you may have.

If it becomes your final expense then lining is definitely the best possible solution as well as the most economical as the works can be carried out quickly with minimal fuss, mess or disruption.

Fullbore Drain Services are able to re-line any pipe ranging in size from: 100mm through to 300mm. Once a liner has been installed the structural integrity is restored completely.

Our fully certified engineers are experts in this specialised field and have been installing drain liners in the Borough of Haringey for more than 20 years.

 We have worked in all areas of Haringey including localised areas such as:

 Wood Green – Palmers Green – Muswell Hill – Crouch End -  Totenham – Broad Lane –Manor House

Installing a drain liner in defective drainage / pipe work is cheaper than you may think and is usually priced by the size / metrage making it simple for you to calculate instantly what the likely cost would be.

Please give us a call before making that all important decision for any of your drain re lining requirements or repairs, we are also available to carry out free on site investigations to establish a fixed price following on from any CCTV survey you may have already had carried out.

No job is ever to big or small for us to handle.

An effective solution to prolong & extend the life of any Drain – Sewer or Pipe

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