CCTV Drain Surveys Tower Hamlets

Incorporating: E1 – E2 – E3 – E14

CCTV surveys are most useful when purchasing a home in: Bow – Mile End – Stepney – Bethnal Green – Cambridge Heath – Whitechapel - Aldgate

The Home Buyers CCTV Drain Survey report provides information which would be invaluable and will highlight any defects within the drainage system before you commit to signing your contract.

 The technology now associated with CCTV Drainage surveying provides the customer with in depth & comprehensive information as to the present condition of a drainage system.

The reports which the CCTV surveys Fullbore Drain Services carries out are generated whilst on site thus providing the client with instant information as to any identified problems.

The most common reason to commission a CCTV Survey is usually because drains are either blocked and overflowing or dampness is visible within the property walls usually associated with leaking drainage pipe work.

The worst case may be that cracking to the flank walls of the building is visible.

The home buyers CCTV Drain Survey provided by Fullbore Drain Services would identify defects such as Cracks – open joints – partial collapses all of which which could potentially lead to serious expense if not treated by professionals.

It is now common practice that surveyors insist that when purchasing a property that a CCTV survey be carried out of the drainage system, this service is to ultimately protect your interests.

All Fullbore Drainage engineers are fully certified by the NADC ( National Association of Drainage Contractors ) as well experienced and competent in this area of expertise.

The information provided is recorded on to DVD and will advise upon if a defect is present, how detrimental is it to the overall integrity of the drainage system, as well as what course of remedial action should be taken.

If required, we are also able to provide you with a detailed job specification and quotation for any identified works required 

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