CCTV Drain Surveys Islington

 Incorporating:  N1 - N4 - N5 - N6  -N7 - N19

The Majority of Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial properties located within the Borough of Islington including local areas such as:   Angel -Canonbury – Barnsbury -  Highbury – Highgate – Holloway – Tuffnel Park

Drayton Park would certainly benefit from  having an in depth CCTV survey inspection of their underground main drainage systems carried out by a Fullbore Certified NADC drainage contractor.

It is now a proven fact that although many of the tree lined streets found within the borough of Islingtonprovides scenic beauty, this however potentially renders the properties vulnerable to drainage problems as the roots growing below could in fact be causing a detriment to the overall integrity and water tightness of the below ground drainage systems.  If left un-identified these defects could result in further un-necessary and sometimes serious and expensive consequences being caused to an already aged drainage system.

It has fast become common place when purchasing a property within Islington that your appointed surveyor would recommend   that a CCTV survey be carried out as part of the overall survey of the property and certainly before exchange of contract.

The main purpose of a CCTV survey inspection is to establish the conditions which exist within a drainage system as well as to accurately identify and ascertain if the true integrity and stability has been compromised in any way.

By doing so the CCTV survey would reveal long before purchase all or any defects considered detrimental to the system and those which undoubtedly would necessitate further expense and disruption to the buyer should he / she be left with the burden of repair.

Fullbore Drain Services actively promotes in the Canonbury area the importance of having a “ Home Buyers CCTV Survey Report “  carried out by competent drainage engineers who have been fully certified by the: NADC

 ( National Association of Drainage Contractors )

The final reporting software used by Fullbore Drain Services provides easy to understand details of the CCTV surveys carried out.

We provide All of our clients with a rough sketch drawing of the drainage layout of the property together with a DVD recording of the survey itself.

The detailed and comprehensive analysis ( in the form of a written report by the certified engineer ) provided as part of our routine Surveying service provides you the customer with the present conditions found within the drainage pipe work which lies beneath the ground.

It also enables us as the certified contractor to provide you with the most appropriate and cost effective solution to rectify any identified problems long before a serious situation occurs.

During  2013 Fullbore Drain Services  have carried out more than 100 CCTV drain surveys within the borough of Islington many of which had defects considered too be of an extremely serious nature.

Fortunately for these customers the defects we identified were able to be rectified long before potential collapses of the drainage systems occurred. 

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