CCTV Surveys Camden

 Incorporating:  NW1 – NW3 – NW5 – NW6 – NW8

In the competent hands of our fully certified NADC drainage engineers and using the very latest state of the art CCTV Surveying & reporting software, we offer residents and commercial customers within the London Borough of Camden including:

Camden – Chalk Farm – Hampstead – St Johns Wood – Swiss Cottage – St Pancras – Sommerstown  a detailed and comprehensive in depth CCTV drainage survey to all underground drainage systems and pipes.

The important information a CCTV survey can provide a customer can be invaluable when purchasing a property as what lies beneath the ground ( that which cannot be seen ) could in fact be  a disaster waiting to happen.

Architects and Surveyors are now recommending CCTV drain surveys as part of the overall service they are able to provide.

When a drainage system has undetected defects that are not rectified, through leakage the substrate soil is undermined to a point where the pipe work is no longer supported radial cracking will begin to occur and if left further could then lead to a possible total collapse of the system.

If a collapse were to occur within a drain due to defective or leaking pipe work, the expense to excavate and replace even minor sections of pipe work, or worst case scenario, an entire drainage system,  would necessitate major works as the scope of the necessary excavation works required to replace the drainage would be a very expensive.

In addition to this un-necessary expense, the serious disruption caused as a result of a collapsed pipe would in many cases mean that the property would have to be vacated during any replacement.

CCTV surveys can forewarn you and identify any impending problems long in advance of any house purchase.

The competitive prices structure Fullbore Drain Services offer for a comprehensive CCTV Drain Survey means that a standard 3 bedroom domestic property can be completed in two hours meaning that costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

Our written reports which are provided as part of the service are easy to understand, we also provide a rough sketch drawing of the drainage layout.

Using professional NADC Certified engineers provides total peace of mind.

Fullbore Drain Services actively promotes   “ Home Buyers CCTV Survey Reports “ in conjunction with the NADC ( National Association of Drainage Contractors )


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