CCTV Surveys Hackney

 Incorporating:  N1 - N16 - E5 – E8 – E9

The services Fullbore are able to offer home owners within the borough of Hackney are superior when it comes to carrying out  “ Home Buyers Drain Survey Reports “ using specialist CCTV Surveying equipment.

Using the latest equipment & technology available on the market to date, our experienced & highly trained engineers have been fully Certified by the NADC ( National Association of Drainage Contractors ) in all aspects of carrying out a CCTV Surveys to below ground drainage systems.

The majority of the CCTV surveys we carry out to domestic and commercial drainage systems within the Borough of Hackney are usually completed within a two hour time frame meaning that the costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

With the areas of Hackney - Shoreditch - Dalston fast becoming favorite night time hot spots, commercial bars and restaurants would certainly benefit by having a CCTV drain survey carried out by a certified NADC professional to ensure total peace of mind.

The information a CCTV survey provides would enable fast identification of any defects as well as the present conditions which may be present within an already overloaded and often old drainage system.

In many cases defects or broken drains can become so severe that unless rectified it provides rodents with an easy to escape route out of the drains where they will then enter & nest within the premises themselves. More importantly, when defective drains are no longer water tight then a further risk exists whereby the drainage may be vulnerable to a collapse meaning a possible complete shutdown of your business.

We at Fullbore Drain Services  carry out CCTV surveys to all Domestic, Commercial, or Industrial properties within the:

Clapton Pond / Common  – Hommerton – Shoreditch – Haggerston - Dalston – London Fields – Victoria Park areas.

The valuable information a CCTV Drainage survey carried out by knowledgeable and competent NADC drainage engineers provides you with could save you or your company considerable amounts of money.

Fullbore Drain Services actively promotes   “ Home Buyers CCTV Survey Reports “ in conjunction with the NADC

We use easy to understand reporting software accompanied with both a full written report / DVD disc of the recorded survey as well as a rough sketch drawing of the drainage layout.

Fullbore Drain Services have carried out CCTV drain surveys within the entire Borough of Hackney and as a result have prevented major situations from occurring 

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