CCTV Surveys Haringey

Incorporating: N8 – N10 – N11 – N13  -N15 - N17

For all home buyers considering buying a property within the Borough of Haringey should consider having a CCTV drainage Survey carried out as part of the home buying process and definately before signing a contract.

These specialist CCTV surveys Fullbore Drain Services offer to all Domestic – Commercial & Industrial customers are able to identify possible defects within a drainage system those which if not dealt with could lead to serious expense to be rectified.

Due to ever increasing development within these already densely populated areas such as:

Wood Green – Palmers Green – Muswell Hill – Crouch End -  Totenham – Broad Lane –Manor House, means that an additional demand now required has placed an even further burden onto an already aged Victorian system and defects or leaking pipes are fast becoming common place.

Drainage / pipe work which leaks potentially renders the properties vulnerable to subsidence and will be detrimental to the overall integrity of the below ground drainage systems.

When drains are not rectified any identified defects may result in further un-necessary damage being caused which in the majority of cases can be very expensive to excavate and repair

Your appointed surveyor may recommend   that a CCTV survey be carried out so as to ensure you are fully aware of what`s going on below ground before exchange of contract.

CCTV Drain surveys provide you with the information you need regarding the conditions within drainage systems long before any potential problems present becomes your responsibility e.g. usually long after house purchase.

In the London Borough of Haringey, Fullbore Drain Services actively promotes in the importance of having a “ Home Buyers CCTV Survey Report “  carried out by competent drainage engineers and by those who have been fully certified by the: NADC   ( National Association of Drainage Contractors )

You are provided with a comprehensive written report as well as a DVD recording of the surveys carried out.

CCTV drain Surveys carried out by Certified NADC engineers are far cheaper than you may think !

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