Drain Clearing & Un-Blocking Islington

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It`s unfortunately a true statement that blocked drains and pipes usually occur at the most inconvenient time possible.

The direct result of most blockages subsequently creates a mess which in most cases can be seriously detrimental to health if not dealt with fast.

Damage to personal possessions as well as the property itself can lead to un-necessary and time consuming insurance claims assuming your policy provides cover in the first instance.

In order to minimize this potential damage it is imperative that the problem is resolved as quickly as possible therefore it would be extremely beneficial if you had the assurance that any blockage ( no matter how stubborn )  can be dealt in the fastest way possible and at an affordable price.

Our specialist field engineers are experts in all aspects of drain unblocking as well as being able to identify the cause of the initial problem thus providing  you with the best possible advise for future preventative measures you can take to insure the problem does not repeat itself.

All of our engineers are family members and all have been fully certified by the NADC ( National Association of Drainage Contractors ) which we are proud members of therefore we are able to deal with any situation within Islington of which for the past 20 years we have actively engaged in for the un blocking and cleaning of drains

To date we are extremely proud to be able to state that we have never failed to clear or un -block any drain or pipe within the London Borough of Islington.

In conjunction with the the NADC ( National Association of Drainage Contractors of which we are proud members ) the specialist services we  carry out on a daily basis throughout the Borough of Hackney means that customers are rightly assured that they are all experienced to be able to deal with any problem within drainage or pipe work all with minimal fuss and bother no matter how big or small the works may be.

During 2013 we have dealt with more than 500 blockages successfully within the London Borough of Islington in localized areas we all know such as:

Highbury – Finsbury Park – Angel – Tuffnel Park – Canonbury – Barnsbury - Caledonian Road – Holloway – Highgate – Hornsey.

Using the very latest specialist electro mechanical drain cleaning equipment no blockage is beyond the scope of our capabilities. All work undertaken is fully guaranteed for a minimum of 90 days and we can usually attend site within a two hour period.

Our public liability insurance of: £ 5.000.000 provides you with the extra peace of mind when choosing to use Fullbore Drain Services. You won`t be disappointed…


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