Drain Lining Tower Hamlets

Incorporating:     E1 – E2 – E3 – E14

Not all defective drainage would necessarily require excavation or replacement.

The No Dig technology now available to drainage contractors means that any drainage ranging in size from 100mm through to 300mm can be re-lined at a fraction of the cost of conventional excavation.

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Drain Lining Haringey

Incorporating:      N8 – N10 – N11 – N13  -N15 - N17

Drain Lining is probably the best option for a fast, effective solution for drains that are worn, damaged or broken.

When a drain is located deep below ground or maybe in an in-accessible place where excavation would not even be an option, drain lining is the answer as well as potentially saving you thousands of pounds.

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Drain Lining Camden

Incorporating: NW1 – NW3 – NW5 – NW6 – NW8

If a drain or pipe leaks through defective joints or other defects, the result to the overall integrity of the remainder of pipe work can be serious if not treated rapidly.

In the majority of cases we have found that the defects are usually brought about as a result of them being old probably installed during Victorian times.

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Drain Lining Islington

Incorporating: N1 - N4 - N5 - N6  -N7 - N19

When a drain or pipe is no longer watertight through age, deterioration or other defects, any water discharged through the system is able to escape.

This leaking water inevitably leads to the absorption & saturation of the substrate soil which basically provides the pipe work with the structural support necessary.

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Drain Lining Hackney

Incorporating: N1 - N16 - E5 – E8 – E9

The developments in what is termed as  “ no dig technology “ are now so advanced that leaking drainage ( that which in the past had to be excavated and replaced ).

These can now be re-lined using soft felt liners & associated resins meaning that damaged or defective pipe is given an extra lease of life at a fraction of the normal cost for disruptive excavations.

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