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When a drain or pipe is no longer watertight through age, deterioration or other defects, any water discharged through the system is able to escape.

This leaking water inevitably leads to the absorption & saturation of the substrate soil which basically provides the pipe work with the structural support necessary.

When a drain leaks and is not repaired it will ultimately lead to radial cracking to the pipe which over time unless treated, may also lead to a total collapse of the defective section, or indeed the entire system.

Many cases of subsidence and rising damp can also be attributable to leaking drains with internal walls becoming water logged then showing signs of mould.

The advanced no dig technology now available means that drainage or pipe work can be repaired without the need for total excavation & replacement using drain lining methods.

This proven method of repair comes at a fraction of the cost of major excavation ( especially where drains are either deep or in-accessible ) and are able to be carried out quickly with minimum disruption to the usage of the property.

Drains ranging from 100mm through to 300mm can be re-lined easily providing immediate & additional strength to the already damaged pipe work.

Once a drain liner has been inserted into any defective drain or pipe or sewer, the strength and integrity it provides is increased as in effect the pipe thickness is doubled, furthermore as the liner is continuous from point to point this means that all of the existing joints ( now sealed over ) will no longer suffer from water loss.

Fullbore drain Services have been installing drain liners in the borough of Islington as well as throughout the Greater London Area since 1988 and have so far installed successfully more than 5 miles of various sized felt type drain liners in damaged or broken Clay Ware drainage.

We have worked in all areas of Islington including localised areas such as:

 Angel - Canonbury – Barnsbury -  Highbury – Highgate – Holloway – Tuffnel Park – Drayton Park.

Installing a drain liner in defective drainage / pipe work is by far the cheapest possible option and they are able to be installed in domestic or commercial drainage systems.

For all of your drain re lining requirements or repairs contact us at any time for a guaranteed fixed quotation.

Once your new drain liner has been installed you need never worry about leaking drains again.

No job is ever to big or small for us to handle.

An effective solution to prolong & extend the life of any Drain – Sewer or Pipe

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